Beyond PSD2 for a Better Open Banking Expereince

PSD2 is acting as a catalyst in the digital transformation happening in the Banking industry. While meeting the compliance requirements of PSD2, financial institutes are excited to make use of the new business models and opportunities opened by this laid foundation. More the customers and partners we can reach, more the business activities and more the revenue. Making the banking functions more accessible and reactive will be a key enabler to provide a seamless experience to these parties, including internal banking staff whom directly affects the business efficiency.
IAM plays a critical role in improving business accessibility without compromising the system boundaries. PSD2 mandates strong customer authentication(SCA), setting the bar high for user authenticity, while keeping few exemptions, not to bother payment services user(PSU) with SCA for every little transactions. While adhering to this policy will make an institute PSD2 complaint, if they can react fast to the fraud rates…

Visualizing Code in Eclipse (Using Architexa)

I am here sharing a nice tool I recently found to draw the diagrams for my final year project at university. When the project is concerned, managing it is challenging with, 
  • code base of the project is pretty large
  • a team is working on the project
  • we need to maintain the quality and performance of the project 
  • proper documentation is also evaluated
So we were searching for an easy to use and nice looking tool to achieve the purposes without making it annoying that, we can focus more on the logic and optimization than decorating a diagram. :) That is were I found this plugin for eclipse called Architexa client, which is free for use.

Following is a sequence diagram I generated using the plugin, which didn't take more than 30s to draw than dragging the relevant classes and setting the relevant calls.

Following is a class diagram generated, that you can clearly observe the clear and smart look of the diagrams.


  1. From several tools that I have tried this was more faster and the diagram quality is great.
  2. It provides you the flexibility on deciding how the diagrams needs to be drawn, but to the rest on it's own.
  3. It provides sharing options with the tool that I am eager to try out.
  4. There several options to save and share the diagrams as images or files inside the project.
Rather than calling this cons, it is more suitable that I call them possible improvements that I haven't even seen them with any other freely available tool I tried.
  • This is little inconvenient to see generated members are not set in an orderly manner that always have to manually place them in order, as in following diagram.
Finally drawing diagrams has become fun, up-to date, truly useful and effective for code development for me. You can checkout whether it fits for you from here
I will share more experience with Architexa as I get more familiar. Cheers!


  1. Glad you find Architexa useful and thanks for the great post!

  2. Cool. Glad you also think Architexa is faster and results in better quality diagrams. We will definitely look into improving the automated diagram layout.


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