FYP-Kanthaka - Big Data CDR Analyzer

This is the presentation we at team 'Kanthaka', did on the major progress evaluation after a thorough literature review on the technologies to be used in developing the big data CDR analyzer. This will be beneficial for anyone who is looking for technologies to deal with big volumes of data with near real time execution speed requirements. Kanthaka - High Volume CDR Analyzer


  1. Dear Pushpalanka !

    I really interested in Kanthaka project !

    How can I have more imformation ?

    Best regards !

  2. Hi,

    That' s great!
    You can find more information from the project web site 'http://kanthaka.net63.net/', refer the latest presentation in slideshare 'http://www.slideshare.net/Pushpalanka/kanthaka-final' or directly email me (pushpalankajaya@gmail.com) with the details you specially want to know. :)

    Best Regards!

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