Monday, March 14, 2016

User Store Count with WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0

This post is to provide details on one of the new functionalities introduced with WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0, to be released soon. This feature comes with a service to count the number of users based on user names patterns and claims and also to count the number of roles matching a role name pattern in user store. By default this supports JDBC user store implementations only and provides freedom to extend the functionality to LDAP user stores or any other type as well.

How to Use?

A new property is introduced in user store manager configuration named 'CountRetrieverClass', where we can configure the class name that carries the count implementation for particular user store domain.

Using Service

The functionality is exposed via a service named 'UserStoreCountService' which provides relevant operations as below.

Separate operations are provided to get the counts of a particular user store or the whole user store chain for following functionalities.
  • Count users matching a filter for user name
  • Count roles matching a filter for role name
  • Count users matching a filter for a claim value
  • Count users matching filters for a set of claim values (eg: count of users whose email address ends with '' and mobile number starts with '033')


In order to extend the functionality, this interface '' should be implemented by the class, packaged into an OSGI bundle and dropped into the dropins folder within WSO2 Identity Server.